Meet Chaz

Chaz is a chimpanzee who currently holds over $75,000 in available business credit. We started this experiment to prove that you don’t have to be human to have corporate credit.

We first started by setting up a company for Chaz called Chimpanzees Limited LLC, then we put the building blocks in place and started building business credit for him.

Chaz has benefited from all of his new credit, Amazon is by far Chaz’s favorite place to shop. We got him snacks, bananas and all types of toys that he picks out, all under his business credit account. Home Depot and Lowe’s business credit has allowed for us to build Chaz a kick ass home. Of course you need to keep his sheets and bed clean so we purchased a washer and dryer through J.C. Penney appliances, you guessed it. Under the J.C. Penny business card. Dell credit has allowed us to finance the notebook for him to pay his games on. Best Buy business credit gave Chaz a 65 inch big screen so he can watch TV on and of course, Direct TV business accounts gave him the animal channel to watch and go crazy over. Lastly, the gas cards pay for the fuel and snacks during the road trips.

If we can do this for Chaz, we can certainly do this for you!