What is the B2B Credit Builder Program?

The B2B Credit Builder™ Program is a full-service program that helps your business to build credit. This is not a “do-it-yourself” course. What sets our program apart is that we actually do the work for you, building your business credit score and setting up credit for your business with nationally-known vendors.

Business Credit Will Help Your Business Succeed

The old adage that it “takes money to make money” is true. Unfortunately, many business owners also find that it “takes credit to get credit.” With the B2B Credit Builder™ program, this is not the case. Our credit building program can help you to…

Separate your business and personal credit. You’ll get a business credit profile that is strictly under your business name, separate from the personal credit report of the owners or officers of the business.

Reduce your personal liability and risk. Establishing separate business credit will reduce your personal liability for your company’s financial commitments. A business failure does not have to result in a personal bankruptcy!

Build business credit reports and scores. As a result of our program, your business will be listed with all of the top business credit bureaus.

Create credibility for your business. Having business credit makes your organization a better candidate for business loans, leases, partnerships and government contracts.

Save thousands of dollars in funding costs. Your solid business credit will help qualify you for lower interest rates on business loans.

Our Proven 4-Step Process Results in Credit for Your Business

Having helped over 1,000 business owners from every state in the country obtain millions in credit, we know our program works! Best of all, it’s all done legally and ethically in about a 6-month time frame.

Here’s how our process works:

File for Incorporation: If your business is not yet set up as a corporation, we’ll start by filing the incorporation paperwork for you in the state of your choice. If you are already incorporated we’ll review your corporate records to ensure that they are current and that your corporation is in good standing.

Complete Credit Bureau Check: Next, we’ll search all of the credit bureaus to see if there is any adverse information currently reported against your business. If there is, we’ll take the necessary steps to resolve them.

    • Register with Credit Bureaus: Once we’ve ensured that all your ducks are in a row, we’ll register your business with several business credit bureaus. This will start the development of your business credit profile.

Obtain Credit: Based entirely on your business credit profile and score, we will obtain business lines of credit and retail credit cards for you. We won’t pull your personal credit report as part of this process, and neither will your new creditors.


A Wide Range of Business Credit is Available

Here are some examples of credit lines that our clients have obtained for their businesses as a result of our credit building program – all without any personal credit checks or guarantees:

Type of Credit Amount of Credit

Hardware store credit line


Computer line of credit


Equipment leasing


Electronics store credit card


Office supplies store credit card


Corporate gasoline credit card


Printing company credit line


Join the Ranks of Our Satisfied Customers

We’re very proud to have a 99.7% customer satisfaction rate among the businesses that have completed our B2B Credit Builder™ Program. To get more information, click here to join the webinar