About B2B Credit

B2B Credit, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Jonas Brown, originally under the name Business Credit International. While working at one of the major credit bureaus Jonas realized a startling fact: many business owners’ personal credit scores were being negatively impacted by their need for and use of business credit. Why? Because these business owners didn’t understand that it is possible to build business credit without using personal guarantees or personal credit, and they didn’t know that mixing their personal and their business credit could reduce their eligibility for lower-cost personal loans (such as prime rate mortgages or low-rate auto leases).

Jonas’ vision was to create a company that would help business owners – especially entrepreneurs and owners of start-up businesses – to build business credit histories and establish business credit completely separate from their personal credit. Today we are very proud of B2B Credit’s success…and so are our more than 3,000 satisfied customers!

Poised for the Future

Serving both new and existing businesses, B2B Credit, Inc. continues to grow with the ongoing introduction of related products and services (such as corporate filings and IRS election filings), strong partnerships with some of the leading business credit reporting agencies, and an ever-increasing number of accounts.

B2B Credit works with a growing list of strategic creditors that comprise more than 15 banks (including Citibank, American Express, Household Bank, and GMC) and many non-financial institutions. These partners offer business credit to B2B Credit’s customers, allowing our customers the opportunity to build their business credit records and successfully grow their businesses.